Durham White Ash. All these cabinets and doors for only £395!


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Lifetime Guarantee on all cabinets

We are the only kitchen manufacturer in the UK that will put a lifetime guarantee on all our cabinets and this is why:

1) Our cabinets come with solid back panels that are laminated on two sides and edged all around in 1mm shock absorbent PVC edging. Unlike our competitors who generally use 3mm hardboard backs that are only laminated on one side and cannot be edged because they are too thin and flimsy.

2) Every single component no matter how big or how small, whether you can see it or you can't is edged all around in thick 1mm shock absorbent PVC edging. Unlike our competitors who generally use a thin, flimsy paper edging. That is only 20% the thickness of ours. Our method of manufacturing a kitchen cabinet guarantees that moisture will never enter the internal structure of the cabinet and therefore will never rot or warp.

What we want to say

At Cheap Kitchens Manchester we just want to sell the best quality kitchens at the best possible price. We don't make big profits and we keep things simple.

We take pride in knowing that you cannot get a better quality flat pack kitchen here in the UK or anywhere else for that matter.

We manufacture the whole kitchen ourselves and we cut out all the wholesalers, retailers, agents, importers and middle men and bring it direct from us (the manufacturer) to your door (the customer) with absolutely no-one in between.

So sure are we that you will be thrilled with the quality and the price of our kitchens we will bring the kitchen to you before payment. ask any other kitchen company in the UK to bring you the kitchen to your home, let you inspect the kitchen and check everything and only then do you pay. Only we will do this.

Let us show you how genuine we are.

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