In the years we have been trading and presenting new complete kitchen designs, we find that the careful selection of floor coverings and carpet tiles adds a polished finish to some of our best and most popular designs.


A few samples of the ranges of colours available in tiles. The advantage of using tiles is the ease of replacing damaged or worn areas


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Choices of tile based on budget

Tiles offer advantages over normal rolls. Should any be damaged, they can easily be replaced by 1 or 2 spares, no matter where that damage may occur. This is simply not possible using roll carpet.
Another big advanatge is the available supply of tile offers in refurbished and recycled tiles, usually taken from old installations. This does not mean they are inferior in any way. But if budget is a consideration then the savings can be vey dramatic.
Grades of recycled or refusbished carpet tiles allow you to choose the best ones for the job you have in hand. Many sites offer varieties of new and used tiles such as

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